Friday, July 5, 2013

Still Waiting!

So, i'm still waiting for that possible rain. Wondering whether the tropical moisture will turn into a tropical storm. I read on NOAA's weather forecast discussion for Houston, that there is only a 10% chance of tropical development with the tropical moisture, or tropical wave that is headed towards Houston. NOAA says that there is too much wind shear for the tropical moisture to develop into a depression, or storm. That's ok I just want to see some rain. Although, as I mentioned before in my last post. Having a tropical depression, or storm, may mean more rain for Houston, but not too much rain, I hope! If Houston gets too much rain at once, then we'll start getting flash flooding, due to the lack of rainfall. That wouldn't be good! So maybe it's better off, that the tropical moisture doesn't turn into a tropical depression, or storm.
UPDATE: So I just checked the extended forecast for Houston, on The Weather Channel's website and they only give Houston and 40% chance of rain for Sunday and only a 30% chance of rain for Monday and Tuesday. I hope their not thinking that the moisture is going to miss us. I hope not. Fingers crossed!

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